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Recycle & Reuse

Praj is helping to meet the demand with the basket of proven technologies, innovations and years of experience in treating most difficult effluent.

Praj’s Recycle and Reuse solutions integrate physico-chemical, biological and membrane separation process for efficient Recycle and Reuse. Solutions include advanced effluent treatment processes like Micro filtration, Ultra filtration, Nano filtration, Reverse Osmosis systems and Membrane Bioreactors. 


Praj Membrane filtration systems consist of   ECOFIL- RO/UF/MF/NF


  • ECOBRANE is membrane Bioreactor with submerged and external configurations.

Advantages :
  • Higher Mix Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) up to 25 g/L is maintained.
  • Higher organic removal efficiencies
  • 66-75% reduction in footprint as compared to conventional systems.
  • Safe, Easy and Economical Cleaning
  • Low membrane fouling and less waste sludge production.
  • Modular in design and construction
  • Minimum Civil Work 


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