Solvent recovery & Scrubbing


ECOFINE Distillation systems are designed to have minimum moisture content in product and better separation of low boiling impurities to meet the required standards.

Praj offers highly efficient column internals like bubble cap trays and hyper stat grid trays for more effective separation of impurities along with reduced scaling and down-time.

Praj offers solvent recovery plants based on :
  • Azeotropic distillation
  • Extractive distillation
  • Liquid-liquid separation technologies
  • Adsorption technologies
  • Complete solvent recovery


Advantages :
  • Multiproduct distillation system to products as per stipulated standards
  • Energy conservation through multi-pressure distillation
  • Maximization of production by using multi-pressure distillation techniques
  • Plant automation based on SCADA/PLC
  • Consistency in product quality


Scrubbing is absorption of gases from the Wastewater. Industrial and municipal Wastewater contains hazardous gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide etc.
Praj Offers :
  • Ammonia (NH3) Scrubbers.
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Scrubbers
  • Carbon dioxide (Co2) Scrubbers

Advantages :
  • Low operating cost
  • High efficiency & reliable
  • Low maintenance.

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